Why Buy A Balance Bike?

BalanceBikeHomePage Bike riding becomes a breeze when you teach your child balance and coordination before pedaling. The balance bike takes pedaling out of the mix so that kids can concentrate solely on learning balance, which takes more practice. Pedaling is a secondary skill that kids can easily learn tricycles can tip over, scrape ankles, and are difficult to pedal. Bicycles with training wheels are tall, heavy, unstable and downright scary for young riders. Both have the potential to cause painful injuries and fear. Balance Bikes have a lightweight design and low center of gravity make it easy to maneuver and control, giving your child a safe and secure feeling. And the bike's adjustable seat height starts at 11 inches from the ground, accommodating the shortest of legs. Control is further enhanced with a low and flat handlebar design. Kids can now reach forward rather than up, which gives them better leverage and maneuverability. And as the your child becomes more confident, the balance bike's integrated foot rests provide a place for both feet while coasting along. This site provides information on all the top brand balance bike for your comparison and review. Thanks for stopping by.